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Terms of Service

<p> 1. Confirmation and Acceptance of the service terms The ownership and operating rights of our all electronic services are reserved to us . The services we provided will comply with our rules, terms. The users can be our clients, after they agree with all terms and conditions completely and finish registration.<br /> 2. Services Brief Introductions We provide our users with network services through Internet.<br /> The users need to pay attention:<br /> (1)Prepare all needed equipments in advance, including PC, modem and other devices.<br /> (2)Pay for using telephone and network related to using our services. If you can not complete the whole registration due to your own technical problems, we will not be responsible for technical supports.<br /> On the basis of the importance of our network services, users should:<br /> (1)Provide detailed and exact personal information;<br /> (2)Update registration information in time, detailedly and exactly.<br /> As for the juveniles, We suggest that they need to be granted or agreed by their parents in advance.<br /> We will not publish users&#39; names, addresses,emails or pseudonyms, except that:<br /> (1)Users permit us to reveal their information;<br /> (2)Relevant laws or procedures require us to provide users&#39; personal information. If users provide false information, we reserve the right to make users not to use our services.<br /> 3. The modification and edit of services and services terms We reserve the rights to modify the service terms when needed. Once We change our services terms,we will let users known in some important pages. If users will not agree with this modification, they can cancel the network services. If they want to renew again, we will think they have accepted this modification of services terms. We reserve the right to change or stop services at any time without informing users. When we exert the rights of change or stop services without being responsible for users or the third party.<br /> 4. User Privacy We will respect users&#39; privacy. So, We will not publish, edit or reveal their registration information and data saved in our secret content without valid users&#39; permission. But with the permission of laws or we think that revealing those data is needed on the following basis.<br /> They are:<br /> (1)Comply with related laws and our legal service procedure.<br /> (2)Maintain the ownership of our brand。<br /> (3)Do our best to maintain users&#39; personal and social privacy security.<br /> (4)Accord to other related requirements.<br /> 5. The user accounts, passwords and security Once users register successfully and become our valid users,they will get their usernames and passwords. They will be responsible for the security of usernames and passwords. They also need to be responsible for all activities related to their usernames. You can change your password at any time following the introductions. If you find anybody using a user account illegally and security flaws occurring, please report us .<br /> 6. Limited Liability We will not be responsible for direct, indirect, occasional and ensuing damages. They might come from: irregularly and illegally using network services, and the information sent by users changed. All of these might damage our image. So We have to state this possibility in advance.&nbsp;<br /> 7. The storage and limitation of users&#39; information We will not be responsible for the failure of saving and deleting information users published. We reserve the rights of judging whether users&#39; behaviours are consistent with our service terms. If users break the regulation of our service terms, we will stop providing network services.&nbsp;<br /> 8. User Management Users need to be responsible for their own published content. The use of services users can make use is based on all state, local and international laws that apply to us .<br /> Users should follow that:<br /> (1)When transfer technical information from China to outside, it must comply with China&#39;s laws of rules.<br /> (2)When use network<br /> &nbsp;</p>

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